Personal IT Projects

Esta página contiene enlaces e información relacionada con diferentes proyectos IT personales en los cuales he estado relacionado durante los últimos años. Algunos son de caracter académico, otros relacionados con el trabajo, otros simplemente por entretenimiento, pero todos ellos de caracter público y de libre disposición. La documentación siguiente está en inglés en su mayor parte.

This page contains links and information on some of the personal IT projects in which I have been involved during the last years. Some are academic, other work related, other just some testing or for amusement, but all of them public and available for downloading.


jwire-icon32 Jwire

Jwire is a Java GUI application for the crawler WIRE, that offers different functionalities to configure and execute WIRE, apart of incluiding visualization and visual analysis tools for web graphs.

PadLock-icon-48 Jcrypto

Jcrypto is a Java GUI tool and project sample on the use of different digesting and crypting/decrypting methods implemented in Java using the standard JCA APIs. It can be used to digest or crypt/decrypt text messages using different algorithm providers (JDK, BouncyCastle).

chart-icon Log4JStats

Log4JStats is a Java graphical standalone tool which main aim is to provide a set of graphical functionalities to analize and visualize specific data from log4j log files. The log files come from a separate application. This application generate different log entries. Log4JStats offers different functions to plot log data and therefore visualize and visually analize details. The charts are generated using the open source JFreeChart API. It also comes with other out-of-the-box functions like datagrids, log to sqlite dumps, filters, etc. The app is especifically developed for certain types of log files and formats, but it could be extended or amended to other logs or source details. A sqlite database contains all the data that is transfer from the log files to ease data retrieval.

Game4Life Game4Life

Game4Life is my personal implementation of the famous and well known Conway’s Game of Life. I have followed the basic rules of the original game in order to create a simple representation of the cellular automaton. With a simple but functional user interface and some custom features like the grid size, step duration, etc., it is easy to obtain all the different studied patterns. The development is done using Java 8 and Processing for all the graphical stuff.